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EtihadWE’s Open Data Policy

Etihad Water and Electricity follows an open data policy and manages it in accordance with government requirements and global directives. The open data platform contains data that seamlessly meets users' information needs and through which opinions can be provided on the service.

The Objective of the Open Data Policy

The open data policy aims at provide a platform for data and to enable website visitors to obtain and benefit from it for legitimate purposes, with the possibility of requesting other data to be obtained. Any individual can use and republish the open data provided on the website.

Responsibilities of Etihad Water and Electricity

  • Providing data on the website to users transparently.
  • Providing data on a permanent and sustainable basis.
  • Providing access to data easily.
  • Dissemination of data in in a usable format.
  • Enable users to express their opinion on the data available on the site.
  • Enable users to submit a request for data.
  • Describe the document size, format and date of publication.

Open Data Terms of Use

  • When using this data, it must be indicated that its source is Etihad Water and Electricity, with mentioning the name of the file and the date of its publication, in order to preserve the property rights, data credibility and validity.
  • The data user must not misrepresent it or mislead others about its source.
  • This data should not be used for political purposes or to support criminal or illegal activity. It must also not be used in any racist or discriminatory comments for the purpose of fueling or inciting or causing any negative impact on the prevailing values in society.
  • Etihad Water and Electricity is not responsible under any circumstances for any direct or indirect harms that may arise from the use or inability to use open data, including but not limited to loss of income, loss of reputation, loss of business, loss of data, computer malfunction, wrong operation, or any other harms.
  • The user of open data acknowledges that he uses that data at his responsibility and that EtihadWE does not bear any responsibility regarding future data based on current assumptions or predictions that may lead to the occurrence of some risks, regardless of the validity of those data compared to reality.
  • Etihad Water and Electricity is not legally responsible for any harms resulting from violating the confidentiality of open data and does not compensate for those harms.

Open data usage

The user of the open data has absolute freedom:

  • The ability to use, p​rint, copy & distribute the open data
  • The ability to modify the design
  • Mention the source of the data
  • Don’t change the information in open data page

I​​nform​ation Center

​Etihad Water & Electricity Authority provides the visitors to its website a platform of open data in order to enable them to benefit from the information and statistics available​​​.

The documents found through Etihad WE website includes content that can be shared and republished to increase the level of public and specialised knowledge of its practices.

Total number of electricity and water consumers:

Total number of consumers
Electricity Water
467,554 361,654
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