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Service Code:  357-03-008-000

  • Service used by
  • 403
  • Expected Time
  • 3 Working days
  • Service Fees
  • None
  • Service Category
  • Individual
  • Service Channels
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Service Info

Service Description

A request to change the consumer category is the request of the customer to change the consumer category of the account that he operates to change the activity of the establishment or the license.

Channels for Supply of Service

Service HoursTime Period

Monday – Thursday : 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Friday : 7:00 AM – 11:30 AM

10 minutes​

EtihadWE Website

Service HoursTime Period
24 Hours/Day 8 minutes

Service Channels



Procedures & Process

  • Submit a request to the front desk or through the website
  • Verification of documents by back office.
  • Confirming the new consumer category and transferring it to the Processing unit
  • Confirming by the Accounts Officer about the account and the consumer category and transferring it to the Revenue and Credit Department.
  • In the event of a retroactive amendment, the previously issued invoices will be revised and the request transferred to the accounts officer.
  • Send a SMS message to the customer to end the request and change the category

Documents Required

  • Consumer category amendment application form or online.
  • Commercial license
  • Rental Agreement
  • UAE Identity Card

Period to Execute the Service

  • 3 working days

Communication Channels

  • Text messages

Other Info

Service Category

  • Procedural / Sup-service

Target Customers

  • All categories

Service Type

  • From Government to Government
  • From Government to Individuals
  • From Government to Business Sector
  • Service Card Rating
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