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Service Code:  357-01-001-000

  • Service used by
  • 6141
  • Expected Time
  • - Working days
  • Service Fees
  • According to the type of meter and whether the area is planned or unplanned.
  • Service Category
  • Individual
  • Service Channels
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Service Info

Service Description

Application by the customer or owner of premises to connect electrical supply to the facility

Channels for Supply of Service

Main Customer Services Centers

Service HoursTime Period

Monday – Thursday : 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Friday : 7:00 AM – 11:30 AM

30 minutes

EtihadWE Website

Service HoursTime Period
24 Hours/Day​ 30 minutes

Service Channels

Submit Application Online

  • M-social Apple APP
  • M-Social Android APP


Phases for submitting the application according to the channel of application:

  • A Consultant approved by EtihadWE should submit Application
  • The application is processed through following stages:
    1. Submission of the application
      • Duly filled application form with all required documents attached, can be submitted in the Customer Services Centers
    2. Service procedures
      • the inspector will check the connections and make sure that they comply with the general terms and conditions and will determine whether a connection can be given directly or a Network improvement will be required
      • Issuance of an estimated bill
      • The customer shall make the payment
      • Start of connection procedures by EtihadWE
    3. Delivery of service to the facility

Documents required:

  • An application signed by the applicant
  • Civil registration
  • Emirates ID
  • Land Ownership Certificate / Valid Land Ownership Layout if Drawings are temporary.
  • Drawings approved by EtihadWE
  • Building License from Municipality
  • Commercial License
  • Load Card
  • Civil Defense Certificate (for commercial, industrial and government projects)
  • Official Letter from other authorities if required


Under taking for Rules & Regulations of Connection

Use of Electricity and/or Water service for the required premises is according to the Consumption Category as mentioned above only.

If you want to change premises type, Sell, or lease the property, which differs from the type as mentioned above, please visit nearest Customer Services Center to initiate the following:

  • Apply for Change of Consumption Category / Change of Owner
  • Update record and provide relevant documents
  • Pay difference of Connection Fee (if required)

Failure in complying with the above is against the terms & conditions of Etihad WE and is subject to the following procedural actions:

  • Payment of applicable penalties.
  • Payment of difference of connection fee.
  • Payment of difference of consumption amount retroactively.
  • Legal proceedings may initiated in case of noncompliance to para (3) above.

Rules and Regulations for Contractual Relationship - Owner

Consumers of Electricity & Water Services shall abide by the following rules, regulations and any amendments thereto, adopted by Etihad WE from time to time in accordance with business requirements.

result.FileRef Terms and Conditions of Violations

result.FileRef Undertaking for Rules & Regulations of Connection

result.FileRef Rules and Regulations for Contractual Relationship

Other Info

Correlation between other services and procedures

  • An application for approval of electrical drawings

Correlation with other authorities

  • An application needs approval from the Municipalities and Ministry of Public Works according to the emirate and type of application

  • Service Card Rating
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